A saucy community of ambitious, adventurous women…

Just. Like. You.

Registration opens December 2019

What's all the fuss about?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been frustrated at knowing that you need to make certain changes to live your ultimate life and achieve your highest level of well-being and having a hard time…well…doing it. It can seem overwhelming to put it all into action.

  • You know you need to stop your negative self-talk, but can't seem to quiet that inner mean girl
  • You know when you feel exhausted all day that you need to do something differently
  • You know you should be moving your body more
  • You know you don’t want to just talk about what you’re going to accomplish in the next year… but actually DO it!
  • You know - or at least have a feeling - that your body can heal itself if you just give it what it needs to do it’s job (but you're not quite sure what that is yet;)
  • You know you are destined to feel energetic, confident, and freakin’ inspiring to others.
  • You used to have so much fun in the outdoors and do cool shizzle and now...not so much!

Yet all that is pretty hard to do when you are busy…or easily distracted…or too tired…or too much of any of the myriad reasons we have for putting off the important things in our lives.

You don't need the Freedom Club because you don't know what you're supposed to do...

You need it because you are a busy woman who has a life outside of obsessively thinking about how to make time to read the newest self-help book or finish the 5 online courses you started but never completed. Not to mention how to sift through all the latest news about what to eat and how to eat it and what you "should" be doing to live your best life.

And you need ONE place on the vast interwebs of the internet to go that has it all. 

Wouldn't it be nice if this place was also fun to hang out in? Totally.

You need what every successful modern, mindful woman has:

  • an authentic sisterhood of support and community to be there for you - always. Not just for 6 or 8 weeks during a shorter program. This is why so many people don't finish programs they started. We all think we'll do it on our own - but us humans are way better at getting shit done when we have a tribe rooting for us.
  • simple tips you can implement right away, and help weed through all the overwhelming information available on The Google…
  • ongoing inspiration to keep you motivated and excited about your unconventional lifestyle (boredom is such a buzzkill…)
  • cutting-edge mindset and wellness tools to maximize your thrive all year long - these are based in positive psychology, cognitive coaching, evolutionary science, integrative and functional medicine, Buddhist psychology and more.
  • a well-rounded coach who walks her talk, whom you can turn to for reliable info, inspiring updates, and no-B.S. accountability (that’s me!) Did I mention I have a degree in clinical psychology, a doctorate in nursing, and certification from 3 top-notch coaching programs? I'm dedicated to learning and sharing everything with my peeps.
  • badass science – combined with the art of being a woman – to help you trust the decisions you make and create a balanced life full of freedom, adventure, and purpose

It’s these things that will help you take the steps necessary to catapult your lifestyle, mindset, health and wellness to the next level, and to introduce you to new and exciting topics to keep you motivated and stimulated to continue on your path!

That's where the Freedom Club comes in


The Freedom Club is a REVOLUTIONARY new gathering place for busy women to receive the most up-to-date and evidence-based info about creating and living an EPIC life in an amazingly supportive tribe. The Freedom Club addresses your wellness on all levels – body, mind, and spirit – in practical, proven, and FUN ways, spiced up with a bit of adventure.

I’ve also designed this program for busy women like you, because we don’t all have time to read a whole book about building confidence, or to make a green juice 3 times a day, or meditate for an hour each morning…even though we’d love to!

I created this unique club because my long-time clients told me they wanted more of:

  • 1

    an ongoing and affordable way to stay connected to a coach (c’est moi) and receive lifestyle, biz, and wellness advice, ongoing accountability, and reliable expert information!

  • 2

    a tribe of supportive women that lasts beyond any ONE program so that the sisterhood can stay connected and build a tight tribe of support throughout the year. Successful people know the importance of an ongoing community of support

  • 3

    when it comes to health and wellness advice, a focus on natural remedies based in science, not just opinion

  • 4

    fresh topics year-round so you don’t lose momentum or focus throughout the year

What does this mindset revolution include?

  • Every month focuses on a new topic to help you level up your mindset, life and wellness (Confidence + Resilience, Relationships, Life Purpose and Career Design, Money, Seasonal Cleanses, and more...)
  • Live coaching calls with yours truly twice a month - ask me ANYTHING. You have the benefit of having a multi-passionate encyclopedic learner for a coach, and I can jam on topics ranging from why your partner drives your nuts to your gut microbiome without missing a beat.
  • Ongoing support in our private online group - ask questions between live coaching call times. I check in at least M-F 9-5 in whatever timezone I happen to be in;)
  • A monthly activity book - not too much, not too little. JUST enough so you can stay on track with your goals
  • Access to the 7-week Ziji Up! Mastery Program - the ultimate confidence course
  • Access to my 6-week Drink Less Feel Free program - learn to change your relationship to alcohol
  • Access to my Stop Overeating program - if you eat when you don't want to (or more than you want to) this is perfect for you
  • Support in seasonal cleanses tailored to Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter to keep your wellness in check throughout the year
  • A community of like-minded adventurous women who want to make the most of this one, precious life
  • No B.S. coaching - I don't mess around with sugar coating. I give honest feedback so you can see through your own limiting beliefs and move past them. More importantly, I teach you tons of tools for you to use to create the life of your dreams - on your terms.
  • Access to any new online course I create as long as you're a member.
  • Members-only invitations to my live retreats in adventurous places like Alaska, Mexico, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains...and other secret spots with hot springs and other yummy indulgences. Imagine going on an adventure with other women who have already learned how to manage their minds and cut the bullshit around limiting beliefs. Trust me: you THRIVE when surrounded by a community like this.
  • ...and more. Always more!

Registration opens December 2019

Still not convinced? Read about these client transformations...
~ Kara Farmer, Idaho

I didn’t feel like I was living up to my potential. I needed a boost and ongoing encouragement to make positive changes in my life. Ana has accomplished so many things in her life, she is so pragmatic, logical, AND likes to have fun. I hadn’t considered any life coaching before this. The most powerful lesson that I received from the program were learning about my negative self talk, and how to manage it, as well as how my fear of success was holding me back. I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time, and I know that this is my new baseline. You got me back on track Ana! You are really good at what you do. THANK YOU!

~ Kara Farmer, Idaho
~ Jen Field, Oregon

Before I worked with Ana I was feeling frustrated as to why I was not meeting some of my goals and really wondering why I felt like so much was out of my reach. I realized through the workshop that the reason I had so much doubt was because I had not gotten laser clear about what I wanted. Sounds easy, it is and it isn’t. Also I was not honoring my values. Probably because I had not taken the time to figure out what they were! Again, sounds easy right? Well let me tell you – if it was, then I would have done it already! The recipe for turning this around was provided to me and the result was pretty much an instant turnaround. The tools that you acquire by going through this process will be with you always and more than likely change the way you look at things forever. Ana is an amazing coach and I feel so fortunate to get to work with her. Thanks, Ana, for helping me realize that I already am the badass I want to be. 🙂 See y’all at the top!

~ Jen Field, Oregon
~ Love, Melissa Cooley

Before I did Ana’s program I was in a funk, not that life was bad, I just felt personally stuck and needed some more skills, specifically her “Jedi Mind” skills. Not only did I get out of my funk, I lost weight, improved my co- parenting relationship and my business income increased (no joke abundance affirmation works!) all within 6 weeks…coincidence? Not really, just a great coach and program that helped create momentum for change and a willingness to take on living my BEST LIFE, out of the box. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

~ Love, Melissa Cooley Visionary artist, Yogini, mother of twins, business owner!
~ Kelly T., California

This program is awesome!!! Ana is so clear, fun and insightful. Her personality rocks, and the Ziji Up! Mastery Program is really well organized, accessible and put together – not to mention inspiring! I loved the tribe of women I did it with, and have found new ways to incorporate the things I learned into my life, long after the course.

~ Kelly T., California Artist
~ Rivkah Wood, CA

Ana’s Urban Wellness Club is THE BEST! I have spent the year saying “I don’t know what I did before I had this tribe.” It’s incredible value, and something you really can’t find anywhere else. Ana is uniquely qualified – she’s a health coach, a life coach, and has a very strong medical background and training – she is spiritual as well, and has incredibly deep insights into the most seemingly tangled situations! She approaches her work with compassion and with FUN, so I always feel renewed, healed, hopeful and full of purpose after I have worked with her.

The awesome thing that sets this program apart from all others is Ana’s background and expertise. She is a multi-passionate and has many areas of knowledge…so the sky’s the limit with seeking her guidance! I have come to her with questions about so many varied things from the beginning steps of setting up my business, to nurturing a healthy relationship to birth control, balancing hormones with diet, and much more.

The group is a place where I have experienced being able to post goals I wanted support in sticking with, and discussion questions about things I might be needing a tribe of wise women to discuss with. It’s extremely rewarding in so many ways – I can’t recommend it highly enough… and I haven’t even mentioned the calls yet. Every month has a focus if you want to do really in-depth work, and there are guest speakers with different subjects and areas of expertise.

Then there is also the general Q&A with Ana, which is a huuuuuge value just in itself — one on one coaching is very expensive! Having the Club has kept me on track with my goals for growth in every aspect of my life. It has kept me in full-on manifesting mojo. So grateful to Ana for offering this program. It’s really a huge act of “giving back” to the community on her part – the value is far beyond what she is charging. So Ana – you have my endless gratitude. And please … keep offering this program and count me in!

~ Rivkah Wood, CA
~ Kiova Staley, OR

Working with Ana through my challenges taught me what I desperately NEEDED to learn, rather than what I THOUGHT I would like to learn. What continues to serve me is a new awareness where I can identify places of resistance as places that need my attention. I have become braver and quicker to act on opportunities and challenges that I might have put off or dismissed all together in the past. I’ve replaced negative, limiting beliefs with positive, expansive ones; tapped into my intuition, and created a stronger trust in myself. I can choose a course of action and know that whatever the outcome, I will be wiser and more resilient. I celebrate my accomplishments daily and don’t dwell on setbacks. When I do get off track, I notice it more quickly, recommit and do what it takes to get my vibration juiced up again. Ana is a wealth of compassion, wisdom, positivity – an intuitive bad ass with the tools and experience to guide you through your unique journey in identifying and obtaining your goals.

~ Kiova Staley, OR

** The Goodies **

What do you get for way less than the cost of an espresso a day?

  • Ongoing Access to Me

    First of all, you receive ongoing access to ME, which means I know your name, your situation, your life shizzle as we go through the year together, and I respond to you and coach you – on the calls and on the discussion forum. I don’t send another coach to handle the group calls or to respond to you. It’s all me, amiga!

  • Urban Wellness Bootcamp

    The homestudy version of the 28-day Urban Wellness Bootcamp. This is a month-long program to get you kick-started to tune up your body and soul for an epic year, and build a foundation of wellness to come back to throughout the year. You can do this at anytime, AND you can invite a friend for FREE to do it with you (always better with a buddy)!

  • Monthly Group Calls

    Each month you receive a group laser coaching call where I make sure to answer the questions anyone has on the call – that means YOUR questions just for showing up on the call!  You can ask me anything (for realz!). THIS is the safe place to do it! This is your chance to ask me your burning questions, and receive individualized attention for an affordable price. If you can’t make the calls, no worries! You can email questions to me in advance, and I will answer them on the call. Each call is recorded, so you can listen to my response to you on the replay;)

  • Expert Guests

    Expert guest speakers and lectures: You have access to all our past lectures from expert guest speakers on a transformational topic of the month, teaching you something I think you MUST know (because before I learned it, my life was less than full of freedom and thrive). I also interview NEW experts throughout the year, so you have access to a whole library of past interviews as well as new live calls where you can ask the expert your questions.

  • Monthly Lessons on a Specific Topic So You Can Dive in Deep

    Each month you receive a new lesson, where you can download valuable handouts, activity sheets, assessments, and other resources to expand your knowledge and encourage you to dive into hands-on experiences and activities. There will also be training videos or audios too! You ALSO receive access to all of my past courses. So if you just can’t get enough, there’s plenty for you to explore. And did I mention all this is delivered via gorgeous modern platform so it’s a place you absolutely love to be? ‘Tis true!

  • Private Forum

    Hang out in our private forum, where you can connect with others in the tribe, receive (and give!) support, and share tips and tricks. I’ll also be checking in on the form throughout each week to help answer any questions that you have. This is a great resource between calls, and also a great place to build community.

  • Access to ALL the courses I've created - or create!

    Since the only way to access my courses is through The Freedom Club, lots of people join to get access to these amazing courses and take advantage of the support of the weekly calls and group coaching forum. Since everything is so full of value like you’ll find nowhere else, they stay once they’ve rocked their course too;) You get access to:

    • Ziji Up! Mastery Program – the Ultimate Confidence Course
    • Stop Overeating
    • Drink Less, Feel Free
    • …and more
  • Podcast Study Guide - for members only

    You’ll receive a podcast study guide that’s designed just for Freedom Club members that will help you dive deeper into the content on the podcast – all related to our monthly topic. Think: gorgeous worksheets, journal prompts, inspirational quotes…yes, you’ll want to dive right in.

  • Cleanses & Detoxes Free for a Year!

    ALL my seasonal cleanses and detoxes for the year – for FREE: in addition to my free New Year Detox cleanse, you will have access to my Spring, Summer, and Fall cleanses. And by the way – we change things up a bit with the cleanses throughout the year to keep you inspired and motivated to cleanse!

  • Members-Only Retreats

    Exclusive invites to members-only retreats in EPIC places like Mexico, Hawaii, the desert Southwest, and more – totally optional but totally Surf-boards-on-the-beach amazing! (priceless!)

  • Bonuses!

    When you sign up now, you’ll also get access to these ebook courses:

    • 7-Day Clarity + Courage course
    • How to Get Sh*t Done
    • Modern Emotional Wellness

    surprise bonuses, because I am known to over-deliver;)

~ Bella Pribyl Dodds, student

When I first began working with Ana I was in the middle of a huge transformational year. I had just graduated college, gotten married, moved, and began a new job. I found myself facing depression, anxiety, health issues, and a general dissatisfaction with myself and my life that I couldn’t shake. I had tried changing my external circumstances only to find that the problem was deeply rooted in myself. When I joined the Urban Wellness Club, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

After finishing the first month and ‘boot camp,’ it became clear to me that this tribe was what I needed. Through this last year as a part of this group, my life, my relationship, my focus, my passion and my body have all aligned themselves to create the full and happy life I have today.

Through the exposure to positive practices such as meditation, nutrition, spiritual and mental growth, working with Ana has shown me the path to shift my life back to happy! I am so excited to start another year with her and with this incredible tribe! It has truly been an inspirational and crucial step in becoming my best self! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

~ Bella Pribyl Dodds, student

I know lots of expert speakers that cover a wide range of topics - and I brought them in just for you. Speaking of Guest Speakers... Here are a FEW of them we've had before...and more are to come!

Andrea Owen

Kate Courageous

Sandor Katz

Dr. Claudia Welch

Sample Mind :: Body + Body + Spirit Topics we cover:

How to dive into Radical Self-Care – putting yourself first in a world that asks you to serve everyone else first

How to Create Healthy, Sustainable Habits so you stop wishing you got things done and actually DO them!!

How to Maintain Healthy Boundaries in Relationships- ‘nuf said

The best herbs to support Women’s Health and simple home remedies – supported by science! We are fortunate to live in a time when there is more and more data about herbs and other home remedies. Herbs are powerful and need to be used wisely.

Hormones – how they wreck havoc on our minds and emotions and how to gain back control – PMS, age-related changes from the 20s and onwards, perimenopause, and more

How to improve your Immune System to best prevent colds, the flu, cancer, digestive diseases and to bounce back faster when you do get sick

Food allergies – are they “real?” How can we improve our tolerance to various foods? How can we tell if we’re really allergic to something? What’s the best way to prevent food allergies?

Understanding Your Body – Learning all about your t’aint, yoni, punani or whatever you like to call your vagina – as well as all the other beautiful complexities of a women’s body

Do supplements really work? What are the best ones and how can you decide what’s best amongst all the choices? How much Vitamin D is safe? How can you choose quality supplements? Are they safe? When are they not?

Managing your Inner Critic - learn some serious Jedi skills to tame your Inner Mean Girl

How to Improve Depression and Anxiety Naturally - using complimentary therapies like transforming your challenges into your passion, using herbs and essential oils, mindset shifts, and more.

Building Courage - how to stop waiting to finally feel confident, but instead rally your inner badass to do things even when you're afraid (Hint: this builds confidence!)

Proven remedies to decrease stress and increase your body and mind’s resilience – what practices can you use to get the most bang-for-your-buck and really make a difference with limited time and energy?

Work Life Balance Evidence-based recommendations on alternative therapies – when and how to choose between therapy or coaching, acupuncture, chiropractic, Ayurveda, energy healing, EFT, and all those other alternative options you always hear about

Common Female Acute Illnesses and how to treat them at home: urinary tract infections, yeast infections, sore breasts, bloating, constipation, insomnia, PMS, and more

Ayurveda and game-changing lifestyle habits and home remedies. Learn about the ideal diets for your Ayurvedic body type (Dosha), beneficial sleep cycles, daily rituals to help you be as vibrant as you can, helpful herbal remedies, and other amazing Ayurvedic concepts.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5-Element theory – treatments you can give yourself at home, and when to seek out a practitioner. TCM herbs and treatments you can get over-the-counter

Sexual health and how to keep passion alive through the lifespan

How to best set yourself up for success with weight loss, detoxing, and other wellness goals – what really works? What are the common myths around maintaining a health weight, clean eating, and the motivation behind them?

Plus tons of other topics, and the ability for you to give me feedback about additional topics YOU want covered

Ready to join the club? Let's do this!

YOUR investment for a long-term kickass tribe of women who are all-in when it comes to evolving?

ONLY $969 for one year! That’s less than $2.75 a day, yo. And will give you way more of a head start to your day than a cheap cup of coffee.

If you sign up now, you will also receive:

:: free access to ALL my most popular Jedi Juice training calls, where you learn Jedi Mind Tricks on things like how to live an authentic life, how to create healthy boundaries in relationships, how to handle stress and overwhelm and more

:: a free pass for a friend to do the 28-day Urban Wellness Bootcamp with you  – things are so much more fun with an amiga! They’ll get to join you for this 28-day reboot of your Wellness goals. Past participants have loved all that's included in this intensive Bootcamp.

That’s almost $400 in bonuses – just for signing up! Kind of a no-brainer, right?

I know. It’s awesome! You’re psyched to take your life to the next level – and so am I! So join the Ziji Up! Club now and get started on not just a year – but an entire lifetime of health and wellness like you’ve never felt before.

Put yourself and your freedom - inside and out - FIRST. Join the tribe now!

OF $969
renews annually unless cancelled

Need to make monthly payments? No problem, select the monthly payment option below.


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Frequently Asked Questions about the Urban Wellness Club

Can I really ask you anything? +

Yup! You can ask me about life coaching questions (relationship, career, business, confidence, managing your gremlins, how to have a difficult conversation with a friend), health-related questions (weird symptoms, an herb you want to try, rashes, colds and the flu, concerns about vaginal discharge, sexually transmitted infections, should you go see a provider or try home remedies first, etc), and whatever else you think of. This is a place for you to have access to a coach and educated professional on an ongoing basis, so please use it! Of course, there are limitations to what I can help with over the phone, but as a Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse-Midwife, and Ayurvedic practitioner, I have a lot of experience with discussing issues over the phone, and know when to send you in to get evaluated in-person by a provider.

Can you just be my doctor? +

Nope – unless you live in Alaska;) This program is not meant to replace medical care or your primary provider’s advice. However, it is here to help you avoid unnecessary visits, think about if you really need to go in to see them or not, as well as give you options to try at home when appropriate. The best medical care and healing happens in-person, but there is a lot you can receive over the phone as well. I do offer consults in-person when I travel to certain areas, and I can provide comprehensive Ayurvedic consults over Skype or the phone, however we would schedule appointments for those;)

Is this as good as a 1:1 life coaching program? +

There is definitely time and space to address your laser-coaching needs on the forum and on group calls with specific questions. The Double Dare Club is also a great maintenance program for those who have coached with me before and need ongoing accountability and check-ins with a coach, but not intensive 1:1 coaching. If you’d like more in-depth life coaching, please consider also adding laser sessions to your program, one of my 1:1 3-6 month packages, or completing the Ziji Up! Ultimate Confidence Course, which is a 7-week program that can help you build a strong foundation.

However, if you have questions about a specific topic and come to the calls prepared with the question you’d like answers to, we can do a lot in a quick laser-coaching sessions on the group calls! This program will work great for those in longer-term 1:1 programs as well, since you’ll have added community and support with the tribe.

Does this include private sessions? +

No – that’s how I am able to make this amazing program more accessible to people with a limited budget. However, you can access me for your 1:1 question on the group calls, and you are able to book private sessions at a discounted rate as a member of the Double Dare Club (a crazy discount, actually! $125 instead of $250!). I made this program affordable by keeping it open to laser coaching on the group calls.

Does the Club go on forever? +

The ZUC is an ongoing program, and your membership will automatically renew each month or year (depending on which option you chose) unless you cancel…but why would you want to that, love? Paying for the year in advance is the best deal, but I totally get that some folks prefer monthly payments. You asked for it – we offer it! Keep in mind that when you sign up, you will have access to ALL past guest speaker lectures as well.

Why should I stay on if I've already been in it for a year? +

If you choose to stay on after you’ve been in the tribe for a year, you can continue your membership and experience NEW lessons, guest speakers, cleanses, and even go through all the past lessons all over again! PLUS still have access to the live Laser Coaching Calls, FB support group, and whatever NEW content and bonuses come up. You also still receive free access to any cleanses throughout the year!

No one has been able to keep up with all the info and cleanses and mini-programs within ZUC since I have been known to over-deliver, so you can dive deeper in every time and get to all those parts you may have wished you could have taken a deeper dive into.

While you will have access to all the content from past monthly topics and guest speaker calls, the Laser Coaching calls are live, and new contect, guest speakers, and bonuses are are added every year.

The laser coaching calls and FB support you receive are worth more than the price of the program alone, so we highly encourage you to stay on. Plus, we love you <3

What if I can't make the live Laser Coaching Calls? +

Most excellent question! First, I try to ensure higher odds of people making the calls by choosing a variety of days and times throughout the year. That means some calls are weekday morning, some are lunch hour of afternoon, and some are even cozy weekend morning calls!

If you still can’t make a call, no worries. You will always be able to email me your question ahead of time, and I will answer it on the call. Since all calls are recorded, you will be able to receive replays of each call, and can listen to your answer on the call.

And by the way – I WILL answer your question. That’s what I love about this tribe and it’s one of the biggest values of the program: you get access to me on the group calls to ask me your question and I take the time to answer it. Always.

If for some reason we run out of time, I will answer any additional questions on a recording that will get sent out as well. So no worries!

What is the Double Dare Club? +

The "Double Dare Club" was a former iteration of the ZUC. Same with the "Urban Wellness Club" 😉 Back in the day no one could spell or say Ziji...but now that it's catching on, I decided to finally give it the name I've always wanted.

And that's about it!

OK – those are the most common questions. If you have more, let me know!

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I’d love for you to join our tribe!


Final Call!

Last Chance, Dive into the Urban Wellness Club now.

OF $697
renews annually unless cancelled

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